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Are You Proactive About Building A Healthy Relationship With Your Child?

Are You Proactive About Building A Healthy Relationship With Your Child?

Typically, the first relationship that any child knows is the one between the child and his or her parents or guardians. There really isn’t a perfect parent-child relationship, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to make it the best it can possibly be. As a parent, you need to be deliberate about building a good connection with your children, continually working on the areas that are not so perfect.

Since most parents learn on the job, you should try to pick up as much advice as you can, whenever you get the opportunity. The following post offers tips on how you can create a strong bond with your child:

Build A Healthy Relationship With Your Child

You love your child. You tell him or her all the time. But, it’s also important to translate those words into action. That is what builds a strong relationship between parent and child. It’s about love in action, devoting thoughtful attention to the connection between you, taking the time to see things from his or her point of view, and keeping the love you feel in the front of your mind, even when your child is infuriating.

It isn’t easy to do all of these things 100 percent of the time, but making the effort will keep you present in that relationship and that generally gives you more energy and makes you feel alive. It also makes your child flourish and the relationship you share deepens. That means you won’t find yourself growing apart as your child ages and looking back wondering why you weren’t able to develop the close bond that you wanted.

When your child is convinced by your actions that you love them, it has a much greater impact than when you just say it. This results in your child trusting you more, and your relationship grows healthier. It’s a positive feedback loop that builds and builds.

At the same time, it is important to ward against things that can harm your relationship with your child. This can be a challenge since some of the factors are things you may not even be consciously aware of. The following post provides more detail:

5 Ways You Damage Your Relationship With Your Child Without Even Knowing It

No parent is perfect. We’re all bound to make mistakes when interacting with our children, but most of us do try to make our bond with our children as strong as possible. However, some things we do that may seem harmless or normal can actually be hurting our relationship with our kids. Here are some ways you could be damaging your relationship with your child, as compiled from FamilyShare and Quora.

  1. Constant criticism

We all want our children to become better, but constantly pointing out what they’re doing wrong can lead your child to believe that you’re disappointed in them. And not only that, criticism can also hurt their self-esteem. Read more at The Asian Parent…

If you discover that you have been taking the wrong approach to some matters, you can always turn things around. This is important for getting back on the path to a great relationship with your child. The following post has some tips to help:

Healing the Parent-Child Relationship in 6 Steps

Life, as we all know, is not perfect. Relationships can be messy, and distance can grow between us for many different reasons. Though the fault may not entirely lie with us, it is our responsibility as the parent to heal the relationship and reconnect with our children. Here are some signs that your relationship is in need of a little repair work:

  • There is a communication breakdown. Your child isn’t confiding in you or be being open and honest in conversation.
  • Your child’s behavior has taken a turn for the worse.
  • You feel emotionally depleted after spending time with your child or you don’t enjoy spending time with your child like you used to.
  • Your child is being disrespectful toward you.
  • Your child is withdrawn.

If you feel distance has grown between you and your child, these steps to repair will help you get close once again.

Relationships always require effort to be healthy, and the one with your child is no exception. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the bond between you will be deep and strong simply because you’re dealing with your child and you love them. You have to put in the work.

Another way you can help build a good relationship with your child is enroll them in a preschool that models the nurturing environment you’re creating at home. Spanish for fun! certainly falls into this category.